My Experiences with the Higher Planes

This is my second post about this Astral Projection Project and now I'm already talking about the advance higher planes. I just want to share some information about it to simply provide you the determination to continue practicing the art of doing an Out of the Body Experience. We usually tends to pursuit on continuing something that we are currently working on when we are able to read or listen somebody's achievement or success. So this is the intent of posting such an advance article especially for the beginners.

So what is a "Higher Plane"?

To simply say the answer, it's the source of the beginning. To describe it that way I'm sure you wont be able to understand so we need to explain it on details. Are you aware of the "Big bang" theory? (Sorry for asking too questions most of the time, it's my method of explaining things out). If no then this is the hypothesis that everything came from a huge mass of something that came to explode and the particles that has been scattered around are now what composes of everything.

The Higher Plane is the time and space since before the Man, Planets, Solar System and etc... had existed. If you don't know, even the light is also a part or an object that was created after the explosion. There are no limits and boundaries on this plane and everything is formless where it is simply the state of being one. This is what a High Plane is all about which is the source of the beginning and a plane of nothingness. I heard you say that if a higher plane has existed then there must be the opposite which is the "Lower Plane" or perhaps there might be even a "Middle Plane". Well in fact, there are no other planes besides the higher one. It shouldn't be called "Higher" in the first place but it's the only appropriate word that could suite to describe about it.

God is the only one who had existed before the Big bang, so another way of describing the Higher Plane is "Oneness of God". When the explosion had occurred, you thought of only what was describe on your science subject which are all the physical. When the explosion had happen, there are several layers that has been created and no one knows how many of it are existing. But the common once are the Mental Plane, Physical, Etheric, Astral, Parallel and Holographic Universe.

So as what I had described above, being able to access the higher plane means you are able to go reach the source of the beginning since before everything has been created.

A fully committed religious leader, priest, shaman or simply anyone can gain access to the higher plane and they may identify it as the Heaven. To tell you something about the heaven, it is something that has been created to control the entire people mind around the world.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has the capability to perform miracles such as healing a dying person. If he can heal a certain individual then there's the opposite side of his powers that he can also kill!. But the question is why didn't he tried to use it and kill all of his enemies instantly? it's because doing so will going to prevent him from going back to the source.

Repeatedly as I say, the source is the beginning and it is a form of an energy. Getting on that places will turn you into a part of everything. There are no boundaries that separates something as well as an ego. You do not have a body, shape or size since you're everything. Everything are just a plain conscious energy where there's no need for words or visions to know and experience. You purpose here is to "Create and Experience" because it's what the Divine will does.

Anyway, if you're a beginner and you've been surprised on what I had discussed about the Higher plane then learning Astral Projection is simply just a start to build your steps toward the source.


Craig Claireborne said...

Visiting the Source takes you to the very beginning before everything was created. You'll going to understand how man and different kinds of species are created.

If you want to visit the Dinosaurs then go ahead because they still do exist on the different astral planes. Remember that there's no time or period that limits your journey. You can go back into the past or even fast forward into the future.

There's more about Astral Projection to talk about and explain the mystery of how things work. But the first thing in hand that you need to learn is to practice projecting.

Some things that you need to be aware

The Dreams Within

We have two types of minds which are the conscious (physical) and the subconscious mind that takes over the physical mind when it goes to sleep. So the one who is responsible for creating dreams into our minds is nothing but the subconscious mind.

It's capability is far beyond the reality where it can create any event, scenario or anything else that it wishes to occur. This is the process on how the subconscious mind communicates with the physical mind. It's the reason why you are able to experience weird and unrealistic dreams.

To explain further on how it works - the subconscious mind simply creates anything from objects, events to complicated scenarios and then project them into your astral dimensional thought. Your conscious mind will going to encounter those scenarios and probably, you'll be able to remember some of your experiences on your dreams as you wake up.

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

Just to say a few details about AP, it is simply the experience when you separate from your physical body and you find your self into the a separate world or dimension. Everything around you aren't completely normal where you can alter every object from your current environment. There's no time boundary that you can travel into the past and future or to a far away places that you've never been.

Lucid dreaming is totally the same as AP that you can alter everything that surrounds you or even change the flow of your dream. The only difference between an AP is that you don't have to go through the trouble of separating from your physical body.

The Near Death Experience

A Near Death Experience can never be intentionally done and it can only happen when your body suffered from a severe trauma or on a fifty-fifty critical condition of survival.

The projection at this state is on real time, place and situation. According to most individual who has experience near death, everything they see are white brilliant light coming from a certain tunnel. Somebody is always at the end of the tunnel waiting for you but be aware that there might be some other else around that will going to take you into another path.