What is Reiki Nur Ilahi

Reiki is an ancient form of healing that came from Japan using your hands. If you want to learn this technique, you have to learn this from a Reiki master. You too can become a master and then go on further by learning Reiki Nur Ilahi which in English means “divine ray of enlightenment.”

Reiki Nur Ilahi is pronounced Noor ee-loa-hee. There are eight levels of these often referred to as Magam. This term means “state of divine accomplishment of your awareness” and those who are able to learn it can heal certain emotional, mental and physical illnesses as well as purify the soul and spirit.

Unlike the other forms or Reiki, it does not use any symbols. The only prerequisite is that the person should already be a reiki master. This will make it easier for him or her to move from one level to the next since you just have to do affirmation to continue up the ladder. This is because after you reach level 8, there are still other Reiki techniques that you can learn.

The main goal of Reiki Nur Ilahi is for the person to gain unity to both your self and God’s consciousness. There are not that many schools that teach this technique. In fact, there is not that information about it but if you hard enough, you will find out that there are experts who prefer to give this training online.

You will be emailed a detailed manual of the course, distant initiation so you don’t have to travel and once you pass through the course, you will be given a certificate of completion.

When you are looking for someone that will train you in Reiki Nur Ilahi, you should ask them from the beginning if this will allow you to teach others in the future or will you have to take another sessions and pay additional fees in order for this to work.

That person should be competent enough to teach everything you need to know and offer support in the future if this is needed since this healing technique is not just for yourself but for others who also need it.

After passing through the course and getting the certificate, it is best to practice Reiki Nur Ilahi with friends who are already into Reiki so they can be used as attunement models. Surely, you will know your success if they feel some improvements. But if you have no one to practice with, you can try doing this first perhaps on a stuffed animal or even a pillow.

Reiki has a deeper purpose because you don’t only heal yourself or others when it can also serve as a guide in your life. You just have to practice until you become confident because you don’t become a master overnight. You have to earn it just like when you first started out as a student who didn’t know much about it but now desires to learn the powers of Reiki Nur Ilahi.

One thing you have to remember about Reiki Nur Ilahi or any of the types is that you did not master it but rather you have been mastered by it. This is because you totally surrender yourself to something bigger and the long term benefits are endless.


Some things that you need to be aware

The Dreams Within

We have two types of minds which are the conscious (physical) and the subconscious mind that takes over the physical mind when it goes to sleep. So the one who is responsible for creating dreams into our minds is nothing but the subconscious mind.

It's capability is far beyond the reality where it can create any event, scenario or anything else that it wishes to occur. This is the process on how the subconscious mind communicates with the physical mind. It's the reason why you are able to experience weird and unrealistic dreams.

To explain further on how it works - the subconscious mind simply creates anything from objects, events to complicated scenarios and then project them into your astral dimensional thought. Your conscious mind will going to encounter those scenarios and probably, you'll be able to remember some of your experiences on your dreams as you wake up.

Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

Just to say a few details about AP, it is simply the experience when you separate from your physical body and you find your self into the a separate world or dimension. Everything around you aren't completely normal where you can alter every object from your current environment. There's no time boundary that you can travel into the past and future or to a far away places that you've never been.

Lucid dreaming is totally the same as AP that you can alter everything that surrounds you or even change the flow of your dream. The only difference between an AP is that you don't have to go through the trouble of separating from your physical body.

The Near Death Experience

A Near Death Experience can never be intentionally done and it can only happen when your body suffered from a severe trauma or on a fifty-fifty critical condition of survival.

The projection at this state is on real time, place and situation. According to most individual who has experience near death, everything they see are white brilliant light coming from a certain tunnel. Somebody is always at the end of the tunnel waiting for you but be aware that there might be some other else around that will going to take you into another path.